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Pearblossom Private School, Inc. has been recognized nationally as well as internationally by trade schools and colleges around the world. Since 1989 we have not compromised our high standards. In fact, we have defined the standard for future distant education. We are nationally accredited.

Today, we are defining the protocols of not only distance learning, but of educational technologies and communications that will supersede those of the Internet. We thank you for choosing Pearblossom Private School, Inc. for your educational needs.

Software Programs Available

Publisher Exact Record Keeper (P.E.R.K.)
This program not only maintains daily hours, magazines, brochures, books, studies, and return visits, but also provides a means for organizing names and addresses of calls by area or geographical zone within a given territory to allow a more organized approach to making return calls. It can track records for up to 9 different publishers (the whole family) and prints summaries for the month and year. Select Enrollment Application and check the box labeled P.E.R.K. to order.

Scripture Recall Game
This game is fun for the whole family are a group of players. The first word in a scripture is provided and the players attempt to complete the Scripture and/or tell the corresponding book of the Bible and author. Each successive word in the Scripture is revealed until a player can complete the Scripture, however fewer points are earned as more words are revealed. Additional key Scriptures can be added to the database as desired and incorporated into the game. A single individual can utilize the program to enhance memorization skills. Select Enrollment Application and check the box labeled Scripture Recall Game to order.

Illustration Library
This is a resource of Theocratic illustrations on a variety of topics including attitudes, marriage, family, pioneering, etc. It is available online at www.ppstest2.com/illus.php

Pearblossom Private School, Inc.
P.O. Box 847
13134 E. Ave. V-13 (use this address line for U.P.S. only)
Pearblossom, CA 93553
Toll-Free Phone (within U.S.): 1-800-309-3569 (9:00 am to 3:00 pm Pacific Standard Time)
Phone Outside U.S.: +1 661 944-5661
24-Hr Fax: +1 661 944-4483

E-mail:  pearblossominc@aol.com or pearblossom.school@yahoo.com