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Pearblossom Private School, Inc. has provided quality educational programs to thousands of students throughout the United States since 1989. Its state-of-the-art online grading provides important feedback to the student as to how well he/she has mastered the course material. We have automated our shipping department, reduced the time to prepare official transcripts and report cards, and developed student identification cards. Through a secure student portal, students can access 24-hours a day their grades in all subjects, status of books sent/returned, progress report, payment history, and log of submitted tests.

Teacher of the year candidate and recipient of International Educator of the Year Award (2008) answers questions from toll-free hotline ...

Through word-of-mouth referrals, Pearblossom Private School, Inc. currently processes some 2,000 student enrollments each year from virtually every state. Enrollments are accepted on a continuous basis throughout the year. The helpful staff and quality curriculum further distinguish Pearblossom Private School, Inc. from other would-be competitors. Additionally parents and/or students can call our toll-free hotline, receive concise, easy-to-follow strategies for solving occasional questions that may have arisen during the course of studying the material or taking a test.

Elementary Program (Grades K through 5) and 6th Grade Workbook Program
Each student is provided with the following consumable work books:
(1) Spelling
(2) Mathematics
(3) Phonics
(4) Writing
(5) Language arts
(6) Reading
(7) Super Workbook.

Please note, however, that both the subjects and quantity of the supplemental workbooks that are provided in addition to the Super Workbook are subject to change and availability.

Depending on the grade level, the 600 to 800 page Super Workbook contains a well planned course of study organized to teach the basic academic curriculum. The Kindergarten program is appropriate for preschool children aged 3 1/2 years and older and includes a book that teaches your child to read in "100 easy lessons." No flash cards, lesson plans, additional books, or machines are necessary. The parent that completes this program will know more about teaching reading than most public school teachers because the parent will have carefully observed and participated in the step by step development of his or her child's reading skills. Our elementary school students are issued grades based on their performance on lessons in a Super Workbook. those parents who have a computer with Internet access are provided easy-to-use software that maintains student grades and computes overall averages in all subjects.

6th Grade Workbook Program utilizes an 832-page Super Workbook that requires the student to occasionally reference outside sources (such as an encyclopedia, dictionary, or library books on the topic of Life Science, Civics, etc.) to assist with the completion of various Super Workbook pages. The 6th Grade Workbook Program requires that the parent grade each and every page of the Super Workbook (using answer keys that are provided).

6th Grade Textbook Program and Combination 7/8 Textbook Program
Students are provided with the most comprehensive text books available. Those who have a computer are provided a Student Portal where they go to take master end-of-chapter tests for most core subjects and electives. These tests are graded online and the results include a list of the incorrect answers as well as the percentage correct on each submitted chapter test. Students may improve their test scores by correcting any missed questions, but may only resubmit a test one time after the initial grading. Those students that do not possess a computer connected to the Internet may take the hard copy version of the standardized tests and simply send their answers to us for manual grading. A progress report can be viewed at anytime that provides the scores for each test taken to date in any given subject. This program consists of six outstanding text books in the following subject areas:
(1) grammar and composition
(2) literature
(3) history
(4) science
(5) health
(6) mathematics.
We combine the 7/8th grades into a single combination grade since 8th grade is practically a complete review of material previously presented in 6th and 7th grades. Tests for each subject are graded by Pearblossom Private School K-8 and are available in standard hard copy format or computer format for online grading. A consumable Grammar Workbook is also included in the program and serves as a mini course in grammar, usage, and mechanics. Earth or Life Science can be specified to adapt the program to the student's interests. 7/8th Mathematics, General mathematics or Pre-algebra are available options depending on the student's math skills.

The 6th Grade Textbook Program with the text books and online grading were developed in response to parents and students requesting a more comprehensive 6th grade program that presented all the material necessary for the coursework without having to do the extra research that was required by the 6th Grade Workbook Program.